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Basic Manners  -  Puppies and Young Dogs over 4 months old


Designed to introduce owners and their pups to basic manners training and how to socialize an older pup. For youngsters over 4 months who haven't yet had formal classes or need a basic refresher.  There is an orientation during first class so first class may run a bit longer than the three additional one hour training sessions. 


  • Covers: socialization in a safe, positive environment where you and your dog learn the basics at your own pace - sit, down, walking on leash, handling distractions, interacting with other pups and people and encourages bonding with your dog

  • Schedule:  4 sessions,  Start dates for new classes are pending                                   








  • Class maximum is 6 dogs.

  • Cost:  TBD   Call to enroll  770-317-1957

                         Bring harness, 4 foot leash, and treats


Basic Manners with Fun and Games


A one hour class designed for the dog who has some understanding of basic manners and needs a chance to practice through new activities and games.  New skills, such as identifying colors, numbers, letters, will also be introduced.  A great class for both mental and physical activity plus the fun things that shows off your dog.  A variety of equipment will be used in class.   All activity is based on the individual dog's capability.  Class is for any age dog who wants to participate in the fun and games.


  •  Schedule: 4 sessions - Start dates TBD- call 770-317-1957:






  •  Cost:  TBD   

                        Bring harness, 4 foot leash, and treats





Pupilates is a class designed to allow both puppy and human to exercise together.  Developing core strength, balance, and flexibility but at the same time building that bond between owner and dog.  Incorporating the BOSU ball, the big ball and other tools in class. Dogs and humans of any age may participate once cleared for physical exercise by their veteranarian or physician.

  • Schedule: weekly classes, six classes.  Class maximum is 6 dogs. 

  • Cost:   $ 140 for 6 one hour sessions

  • New class schedule:   TBD

Dog Fitness and Fun


One hour sessions for puppies, dogs, including dogs with a few extra pounds, and senior dogs to help them build their strength and balance using equipment, exercises and games.  All activity is based on the individual puppy or dog's capability. This is a great way to burn some of the energy of a puppy or young dog while exposing him to new activities.  For the senior dog or physically challenged dog it is a good way to improve mobility by building core strength. A fun way to bond with your dog as well as practice your pup's training in a new setting. Check with your veterinarian before beginning an exercise class. Contact Georgia Veterinary Rehabilitation (GVR), or other veterinary rehabilitation, if you need rehabilitation care.


  • Covers: socialization, excercise, balance, core strength, reinforces basic manners

  • Schedule: weekly class, 6 sessions, new class dates to be determined.

                         Class maximum is 8 dogs.




Puppy Basic Manners and Socialization  Part 1


Socialization is most critical during the early life of your puppy, when she adapts more easily to new people, animals and experiences.   Don't delay it


  • Covers: socialization in a safe, positive environment where you and your dog start learning the basics at your own pace - sit, down, walking on leash, handling distractions, interacting with other puppies and people. Encourages bonding with your pet.

  • Schedule:  weekly class, Pups 8 to 16 weeks recommended, 6 sessions


Puppy Basic Manners and Socialization Part 2 


Prerequisite: Puppy Socialization class. For puppies aged 16 to 24 weeks, this six-session course solidifies the foundation set in Puppy Training and Socialization class. A follow-on course to continue socialization and practice basic manners.


  • Covers: socialization, consistency in basic manners (sit, down, walking on leash and handling distractions), strengthening the bond

  • Schedule: weekly class, Pups 16 to 24 weeks recommended, 6 session





Puppy Basic Manners Package - Individual Sessions


Puppy training at your house or our location for eight to 16 week-old puppies in one-hour sessions, three-session minimum. Both pup and family learn about positive training methods for proper socialization and manners. Designed for the household that may have some dog experience but needs an update on effective dog training. Also good as a starter course before beginning group classes. Enjoyable instruction that gives every family member what you need to know to continue daily training of your puppy. 

  • Covers: leash walking, puppy clicker training, sit, down, stay, recall, socialization, consistently good behavior

  • Availability: East Cobb, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, within ten miles of 30068 zip code

  • Cost: $275 for 3 one our sessions at your home

  • Call to schedule - 770-317-1957



 Note: All dogs must be healthy and current on vaccinations for rabies, bordetella, and distemper.   Puppies need to have their initial puppy vaccinations and cleared by their vet to participate in group classes. 


See position paper on puppy socialization at


 Note:  Maximum size for class is limited to allow for productive interaction.


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